Company overview

Angitua Media is a company founded in 2013 in Florida – USA. We started operations in the states of Florida and California since 2015. Our business is exclusively related to the purchase, production and sale of digital content intended for television media, radials and printed or digital writings. We specialize in commercial and advertising content type, sports, money, lifestyle, cars, technology, travel and tourism, with special emphasis on related news and political content.

Angitua Media currently has its headquarters in Miami, FL. Where maintains its production and post-production facilities. We have a team of highly qualified professionals and digitates quality products that are being distributed to media companies in the Latin American market, with greater participation in Central American countries. Our customers have the satisfaction of getting multimedia products with the best cost-benefit ratio and considering demographics aspects of the region.

Antigua Media: Digital content with exceptional quality. A world of information at your disposal.

Our mission

To buy, produce and sell to customers in the Latin American market, quality digital content related to sports themes, money, lifestyle, cars, travel, tourism, technology and with special emphasis on the distribution of news content and policy. We are a team of highly qualified professionals, always ready to provide the best satisfaction to our customers who can obtain excellent benefits at competitive prices.

Our Vision

To expand our coverage to domestic and international Spanish-speaking markets and to position us within the digital content industry, as a prestigious company and outstanding reputation.

how can we help you?

If you have questions, need any information about our products, services or want to make suggestions, please write us. We will be happy to give you a prompt response to your concern.

A world of information with exceptional quality at your hands